Jewelry care

IOSSELLIANI creations are the ultimate in fashion jewelry, and like all precious treasures need to be taken as such. We recommend storing the pieces preferably in our beautiful padded case to prevent the surfaces from scratching. Perfumes and every day wear will all take their toll on your IOSSELLIANI jewels, so try to keep contact with cosmetics down to a minimum.

We also recommend not to wear your jewelry while washing hands, or while swimming. Swimming in a pool or in a thermal bath is very bad for metal jewelry because the harsh chlorine chemicals will cause damage and discolouration. The same can be true for salt water. Also, if you are swimming at the beach you will be exposing your jewellery to sand – which is silica and very abrasive.

The sand will wear off the surface of plating. Sand can also scratch soft stones The salty sea will be corrosive and cause rust over time. In addition to all of this, you will probably be wearing suntan lotion if you are at the beach. If this touches your jewellery it will also cause a chemical reaction and will tarnish the metal – another reason never to wear it while you are on the beach.

The natural materials may present some dots and shades after a while, which are considered as beautiful as Nature can be. The colors and styles will vary between the different collections and designs, but each piece is produced following a premium standard of production.

Gemstones and platings can naturally diminish over time, but with the proper love and care your IOSSELLIANI pieces will remain beautiful for years to come.
IOSSELLIANI design jewelry is nickel free, although it is not guaranteed as hypo-allergenic.

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