Founded in Rome by Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci, the Iosselliani style is expressed in the extraordinary originality of its visual imagery which tampers with classic aesthetics mixing unconventional materials and styles with the craftsmanship of the Roman goldsmith tradition. Iosselliani uses the memory and the forms of the past to create a provocative and contemporary poetics. Its creations are jewels of unexpected uniqueness which do not feel the limits of time and place. Today Iosselliani is a cult global brand, with flagship stores in Rome, Tokyo and Osaka.
“We are inhabited by a classic imaginary that we redefine through continuous provocations, as if memory were a text that needs to be continuously rewritten”.

The Designers

Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci are the creative duo behind IOSSELLIANI. Couple in life and business partners Roberta Paolucci has grown up in the fairy universe of rhinestones, pearls and sequins of her mother, a “haute couture” seamstress. Her deep interest in the world of fashion, visual arts and interior design has allowed her to fine tune a particularly sensitive intuition on the evolution of style which leads her to anticipate trends, translating them into surprising creations. Paolo Giacomelli has learned the most refined traditional goldsmith techniques in one of the last Roman jewelry workshops (studios), developing an eclectic and multiform vision, able to instinctively combine the knowledge of the classics and the experiences of the contemporary. Before founding IOSSELLIANI he created luxury accessories for some of the most important fashion designers.


The style IOSSELLIANI stems from the fascination for the universe of past and present symbolic forms. The stylistic repertoire of IOSSELLIANI is a vast collection of archetypes, models, fragments belonging to different eras and places, selected, recoded and placed in an ecosystem of strongly recognizable and absolutely original signs. Within this sophisticated world of references and provocations, Baroque architecture is associated with modernist lines, medieval Gothic is combined with punk elements, while the aesthetics of the Twenties discovers unsuspected assonances with pop and ethnic inspirations.
IOSSELLIANI creations are refined avant-garde experiments made with materials and techniques that are often unusual for jewelry, bypassing the divisions between creative disciplines. Design, art, fashion, craftsmanship converge in the definition of the contours of a new symbolism of the contemporary, characterized by a brave originality of style.