Puro IOSSELLIANI @ Premiere Classe

For the FW17-18 season PURO IOSSELLIANI will be showcased at Premiere Classe, March 2nd- 5th.

Playful and irreverent, the FW17-18 new capsule silver collection PURO IOSSELLIANI takes its inspiration from the Italian fine arts and the representations of Satyrs and Silenuses,mythological creatures gifted with deep wisdom, lovers of music and dance.

Suspended between the realistic and the symbolic, the collection reaffirms the constant reinterpretation of the timeless, classic design through a modern vision.

Made in 18 carats gold plated silver, the FW17-18 Puro collection is embellished with agate-ruby beads, peach moonstone and colorful stars.
A haute cool collection crafted in Italy since 1997.


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